World Wide Knit in Public Day? Knitting at Lincoln’s New Salem June 18, 2016

Summer at Lincoln’s New Salem is a very busy time!   But Saturday, June 18 will be even busier than usual!   That’s the day of this year’s Summer Festival and for the FIRST TIME, this year the historic site will be a host site for World Wide Knit in Public Day!   Everybody is welcome to come and join in the knitting fun!

Of course, knitting in the 1830s was not a hobby.  The people who lived at New Salem knit socks and mittens for everyday wear because they couldn’t simply go to the store to buy them!  And they weren’t able to go to the store for their yarn, either.  Yarn would have been spun at home (after it was washed, picked, and carded).   And, if the knitter wanted any color besides “natural”, the yarn would have been dyed, using only natural dyes!  All of these skills are on display at Lincoln’s New Salem – so as a venue for WWKPD, Lincoln’s New Salem as something special to offer!

The New Salem Fiber Guild will be presenting a sheep-to-shawl demonstration on Saturday.  While that shawl will be woven, the process of getting the yarn ready to weave is certainly related to knitting in the 1830s!  So, for a great time with friendly people who love knitting and other fiber arts, come out to New Salem next Saturday.

IMG_4303sheep ewe and lambIMG_4465


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